Introducing Marketing Automation

Easy as 1... 2... 3..., right from your Verity CRM! Build lists, segment the audience, trigger chained emails, text messages, and phone tasks to nurture prospects and students over time. Wait for interactions to follow-up with the appropriate message or tag the recipient for future engagement.

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Harness the Power of One

One Platform. One Source for your Data. One Version of the Truth.

Student Lifecycle Communication

Accelerate the inquiry pipeline and improve student retention rates with a fully integrated communication approach across the entire student lifecycle. Give your constituents an exceptional experience with your brand, from start to finish.

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Omni-channel Student Engagement

Leverage Verity IQ powerful contact center solution to engage with students, either individually or in bulk. Communicate easily via voice, SMS/MMS, email and chat. Track, measure, and analyze results in real time for immediate decision making.

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Configurable Contact Strategy

Automate workflows and prioritize tasks so staff can focus on meaningful conversations with students. Harness the Power of One for timely and effective communication to achieve the most optimal response rates and, ultimately, higher conversions.

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Verity Video

Communicate with ease and measure instantly the outcome of the conversation with a fully integrated video channel. Invite and manage participants, share screens, chat, and record video conversations and detailed participant logs. Track video call activities in dashboards and reports to evaluate performance.

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Dynamic Communication Templates

Use branded email templates to target audiences and promote brand awareness.

Personalize emails, text, and media enriched communication with simple drag and drop features. Verity IQ enables easy to use pre-built templates which allow for one-off sends, drip, or bulk campaigns.

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Email Template Gallery

Design media-enriched email templates for effective and compliant outreach.

Note Templates

Share notes in one place to increase transparency and efficiency for all internal communication.

SMS & MMS Templates

Create compliant SMS and MMS templates to engage students for instant delivery and quick response.

Chat Templates

Build school-branded chat templates to communicate with students across your landing pages.

Paperless Admissions

Verity IQ enables efficient, effective, and compliant application and enrollment processes.

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Form Builder

Build and manage inventory of enrollment surveys and forms without the need for advanced technical skills.

Form Builder

Build and manage the inventory of enrollment surveys and forms. No advanced technical skills are required.

Process Online Payments

Receive application deposits and fees via the student portal for a complete enrollment process.

E-Sign Enrollment Documents

Eliminate expensive systems and enable e-signing for all your document management within Verity CRM.

Monitor Application Requirements

Track, monitor and report application status to ensure teams are gathering requirements promptly.

Employer Management

University Career Services can leverage Verity IQ CRM to manage and communicate with employers and students with skills that are best suited for open jobs.

Teams can track employer-related activities with students, such as interviews and hires, as well as placement and employment verification statuses and work history.

Measure placement rates across locations and programs within dedicated dashboards and easily extract reports for submission to accrediting agencies.

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Manage employers who hire University graduating students.

Share student resumes and video essays with employers.

Track student job interviews, placement status, and work history.

Industry Specific Analytics

Verity IQ CRM delivers relevant, time-stamped, and transparent information at your fingertips with high level and deep-dive analytical reporting.

View enrollment funnels, admission KPIs and marketing performance data in real-time dashboards or dive more in-depth for granular detail. Regardless of how you slice and dice your data, Verity provides a single source of the truth for your College or University enrollment, marketing, and placement data.


Segment and filter your dashboards dynamically to view KPIs from different standpoints. Analyze at a glance call activities, team performance, conversion pipelines, speed to contact metrics, as well as placement status rates.


Measure performance across various areas of interest, such as appointment show rates and campaign engagement, to compare actual results against goals. Configure and display widgets within dashboards for the overall assessment of your performance metrics.


Explore dashboards and scorecards in detail by drilling into your data at different levels for more insight into daily activities. Group, sort, and filter the records dynamically. Easily export the data to Excel for further analysis.