Paperless Admissions

Configure enrollment workflows, manage applicants, e-sign documents, take online payments, and access document hubs.

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Main Features

Form Builder

Build and manage the inventory of enrollment surveys and forms.

Enrollment Workflows

Configure all required documents and signature workflows.

Application Approval

Monitor the applicant’s progress, approve or deny applications.

Document Hubs

Store and instantly access final enrollment documents.

Complete Applications Online

Follow easy steps to complete the application and enrollment online.

E-Sign Enrollment Documents

Sign application and enrollment documents electronically.

Process Online Payments

Process application and enrollment deposits or fees.

Monitor Application Requirements

Check on application status, view, upload, and download documents.

Enrollment Workflows

Verity IQ enables flexible configuration for enrollment and signature workflows. Surveys and final documents are quickly built and then delivered electronically to applicants with easy to follow instructions for review, acknowledgment, and signature. Admissions can monitor the progress of every application to ensure deliverables are met. The signed documents are then stored and easily accessed from document hubs.

Easily Built and Delivered to Applicants

Simple Document Management

Quick Application Approval

Flexible and Compliant Configuration

Applicant Portal

Verity IQ offers the institution an intuitive, mobile-friendly, designed portal for applicants to initiate and complete their enrollment online. Applicants submit their information through surveys meant to collect data requirements, and they are then presented with their application documents to review, acknowledge, and e-sign. If the enrollment workflow requires an application fee or deposit, the applicant can easily make the payment online via configurable payment methods.