Reach out to your prospective students via voice, text messaging, and email, individually or in batch.

Phone, Text & Email Campaigns

Initiate on demand, scheduled, batch and drip campaign via multiple channels.

Call Activity Detail Tracking

Retrieve in real-time valuable information about the call, such as duration and disposition.

Call Conferencing

Add multiple parties to the conversation and manage the participants.

Call Transfers

Transfer a call live to another system user or anyone else in the organization.

Call Recordings & Voicemail

Get access in real-time to the call recording or voicemail for audits and follow-up.

Instant Text Messaging

Text back and forth in real-time for instant conversation with prospective students.

Communication Templates

Use branded email templates to target a particular audience and promote brand awareness.

Performance Analytics

Track and measure individual and performance for communication via multiple channels.

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Why use different systems to communicate with your prospective students?

Verity enables efficient, effective, and compliant communication via multiple channels and tracks the results in one place.

Multi-channel Communication

Verity offers a built-in contact center to ensure effective communication via multiple contact paths. With its integrated telephony features, Verity is agnostic to any existing telephony platform.

Outbound and inbound calls, conferencing, transfers, as well as listening to voicemail and call recordings are built seamlessly into the solution.

Sending and receiving text messages instantly or upon receiving a notification is easily managed at the staff or team levels. Multimedia, such as files, could be received from prospective students to speed up the document collection process.

Configuring the system to send emails out when certain events occur or initiating a batch email marketing campaign on demand ensures the proper email template is used to communicate the message.

Multi-channel Campaigns

On demand, scheduled, batch and automated drip campaigns are built-in to allow your institution to make contact with the prospective students via different channels, when needed.

Regardless of how and when the contact is initiated, the system tracks performance at the campaign level to facilitate internal audits, as well as allow for instant follow-up to re-engage the recipients.

Performance Analytics

Scorecards, dashboards, and detailed reports are updated in real-time or viewed historically for in-depth insight into individual or team performance, with drill-through capability.

A real-time dashboard provides instant visibility into the call activity and outcomes, while a historical dashboard offers the capability to filter and segment the activity for performance assessments. Text and email messaging activities are captured and reported at individual and team levels.

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