Inquiry Management

Simply designed to capture, manage, and track inquiry activities towards retention and conversion.

Lead Capture
(Real-time & Import)

Capture leads from vendors, aggregators, websites, social media, or systems.

Activities Calendar
(Appointments & Interviews)

Make appointments and track consultations with a team shared calendar.

Contact & Notes Hub
(Maintained Centrally)

Maintain contact and notes in central locations for easy retrieval and searches.

Task Management
(Workflow Driven)

Design workflows to fit the business and automate work item distribution to teams.

Team Management
(Top-down View)

Build dynamic teams, assign specialized tasks, and manage performance in real-time.

System Event Tracking
(Staff & Prospective Student)

Capture and log details of important events happening throughout a lead’s lifecycle.

Content Portals
(Custom Landing Pages)

Maintain landing pages with built-in data points for tracking email campaign performance.

(Scorecards & Dashboards)

View inquiry key metrics at a glance with in-page scorecards or central dashboards.

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Manage inquiries, streamline the process, and track performance in one single platform

From lead capture to detailed performance tracking, Verity promotes high efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency across the lifecycle of a prospective student.

Inquiry Record Management

As the inquiries are received, inventoried, and distributed, the system governs over the information centrally and at team or staff level to collect and display meaningful information.

Notes and contacts are collected centrally and displayed at the lead, staff, and team level. Relevant information is available throughout the system at various screens for quick reference and in real-time decision making.

Important events are being captured in system activity logs with enough detail to permanently record each milestone reached by staff or the prospective student. These activities are further collected and measured in scorecards, dashboards, and detailed reports.

Activities Calendar

Appointments can be scheduled at any time while on the phone or from team shared calendars. Statuses are maintained to indicate the appointment is confirmed, canceled, no show, or show. The system sends out automated confirmation or reminder messages, then tracks and measures related activity.

Task Workflows

The system allows the school to configure the process workflow for optimal results. Tasks are either campaign driven, such as speed-to-lead contact, or configured to trigger based on certain events or rules, such as a missed call or setting a call disposition to force an automated re-queue. Task activity is available to team leads and escalation managers for real-time assessment of workload and performance.

Performance Analytics

At various screens, the system displays scorecards to give at-a-glance view on performance metrics. Central dashboards are available for historical or real-time insight with filter capability to segment the metrics and drill-through capability to analyze the underlying data in more detail.

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