From inquiry to application to enrollment, to start, to graduate and beyond, Verity enables your institution to effectively track, communicate, measure, and audit student activities on one platform.

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Main Features

Lead Capture
(Real-time & Import)

Capture inquiries and re-inquiries from vendors, aggregators, websites, social media, or systems.

Activities Calendar
(Appointments & Interviews)

Make appointments and track consultations with a team shared calendar.

Contact & Notes Hub
(Maintained Centrally)

Maintain contact and notes in central locations for easy retrieval and searches.

Task Management
(Workflow Driven)

Design workflows to automate low-value tasks and work item distribution to teams.

Team Management
(Top-down View)

Build dynamic teams, assign specialized tasks, and manage performance in real-time.

Detailed Activity Tracking
(Staff & Student)

Capture and log important event details occurring throughout the student’s lifecycle.

Easy Records Tracking
(Application & Placement)

Track multiple applications, placement statuses, employer events, work history, and verification status.

(Scorecards & Dashboards)

Promote accountability with key metrics at a glance in scorecards and central dashboards.

Track Inquiries

Maximize marketing spend and increase conversions by monitoring lead activities in real-time. Capture leads from various sources, immediately engage via multiple channels, automate follow-ups, track events on team-shared calendars, and nurture over time.

Capture leads in real-time

Receive inquiries, re-inquiries, and web application notifications from landing pages, lead aggregators, social media channels, live transfers, and other third-party systems.

Distribute and engage

Send via broadcast or round-robin new inquiries, re-inquiries, and applications to specialized admissions teams for immediate engagement via voice, SMS, MMS, and email.

Set appointments and manage interviews

Schedule appointments and track show rates across team-shared calendars. Configure automated lead status changes and drip communication based on calendar event outcomes.


Leverage our powerful contact center to nurture constituents across various stages in the lifecycle. Initiate on-demand and drip voice, SMS, and email campaigns to target recipients individually and in bulk.

Track Applications

Receive, manage, and track multiple applications for enrollment to ensure students provide the necessary admission requirements to meet the next start.

Manage Application Requests

Receive application requests from landing pages and immediately notify qualified members on your admissions team to guide the student through the enrollment process.

Communicate Effectively

Follow-up with applicants for timely submission of enrollment requirements. Trigger notifications and reminders at every step in the process.

Approve and Reject Applicants

Gather all enrollment requirements, establish eligibility, quickly approve or reject applications, and follow-up with applicants on next steps.

Track Student Success

Meet student expectations from enrollment to graduation and beyond. Ensure prompt communication with students to answer questions, send reminders, promote campus events, and nurture along their student journey.

Deliver personalized messages to guide new students through their onboarding process and set them off to a great start!

Provide exceptional student services and improve retention with two-way communication, notifications, reminders, and upcoming events.

Connect graduating students with potential employers to assist with placement in their field of study.

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Track Student Placement

Stay compliant with Verity Higher-Ed CRM. Manage employer records, track placement and verification status, prior work history, as well as employer-related activities.

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Manage Employers

Keep in touch with employers who hire your graduates. Initiate email campaigns to notify of campus events and job fairs or introduce them to upcoming graduates with matching skills for open jobs.

Manage Placement Activities

Match graduates or graduating students with employers by sharing resumes and video career profiles. Record interviews, placement statuses, placement verification details, work history, and outcomes.

Audit Placement Rates

View placement rates by expected grad date, campus location, and other segments. Drill down into your data for in-depth insights for real-time decision making. Easily extract data for reporting to accrediting agencies.