Our Company

We are a team of talented professionals who share a passion for providing technology solutions to educational institutions.

Verity IQ was founded on principles targeting efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and affordability of business processes and systems used by educational institutions.

We, as a team, are all veterans in the knowledge of education technology. We partner with the best out there to distinguish ourselves from legacy and embrace the modern.

Verity, our product, brings campus operations back to one single system. Data is collected, analyzed, and acted upon from within the same platform, eliminating the need to manually aggregate information from various systems, thus eliminating man hours and increasing the accuracy of the reported results.

In other words, our system collects, reports, and acts on your data, as it happens.

We’ve assembled a great team

We value talent and expertise, but above all, we value integrity and thoughfulness. We believe these qualities in people make a huge difference to us and our clients. Should you wish to be part of an elite team of professionals, contact us at Verity Careers.